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The Bigger Picture is a collaborative event where all delegates are working towards the same ultimate goal. Teams are tasked with the creation of individual panels, that form one of 25 + large scale panel image, chosen by the organisation to reflect their business or ethics/ values.


In order to complete their panel they must first earn ‘money’ to buy their materials. Each item including their canvas, brushes and glue have a price tag. These must be purchased from the custom made shop using the money gained from completion of ongoing active challenges and by completion of the puzzles within the booklet. There will be a time limit for the creation of the image.


Once the clock stops, the panels are hoisted up onto a huge frame to create ‘The Bigger Picture’. This event is a non stop, creative and collaborative journey from start to finish and will challenge and inspire participants to look at how they work together as a Company. They will leave with a clearer idea of how their can maximize their own talents and those of their team and business.


  • Involves a high level of team collaboration and co-operation

  • Involves buying & selling, negotiating     & bartering

  • Interacting & communicating are essential for success

  • Involves working towards an ultimate goal and achieving something that  instills pride. 

Some of the main benefits of team building include:-

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