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We’ve been busy developing a New Generation of technology led, high energy, action based learning events, together with a range of new challenges designed to motivate and inspire. So whether you want to spice up your next health and safety seminar or inspire that winning spirit back into your sales team, why not follow our simple step by step route to meeting your objectives.


We have a suite of options which provide you with the platform on which to manage your teams and challenges, from ‘Cosmic Challenge,’ a fun filled journey where you and your team will visit different virtual locations and compete against each other to earn points; to ‘Ready Steady,’ a real race against time, the team that successfully completes the most challenges in the quickest time will pass the finish line first! You can dress up your Gameboard to introduce a focus, from a running track, to a spy based mission impossible theme – anything you want. The advantage of our system is that you can use it to deliver practically any message, either by introducing your own subject or choosing something from our existing portfolio. We have developed a range of new and exciting techniques to get across your key messages in a way that is interactive and fun. We work with you to help select the right tasks to match your desired outcomes and can even create your own bespoke assignments. Download our brochure for more information on what we can do for you.



  • Highly motivating event

  • Helps illustrate different skill sets         and aptitudes

  • Involves a high level of team collaboration & co-operation

  • Interacting & communicating are essential for success

  • Creates healthy competition

  • Involves strategic & innovative thinking

  • Fun & exhilarating

Some of the main benefits include:-

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