Can we help you? We know that the answer is yes!

Q. We've introduced some changes into our organisation which haven't gone down too well. Can you help my staff to understand why they are necessary?

A. Yes. We can help your teams work out the reasons for the change themselves and having done that, our inspirational and motivational approach means that our next step is to help transform skeptics into passionate advocates.

Q. I want to make sure my Heads of Department are all pulling together and working towards the same objectives.
Can you help me to motivate them?

A. Yes of course. We are often an integral part of how key messages are delivered and reinforced. Our unique approach of blending serious business with fun means that your team will leave the meeting motivated and fully aware of what is expected. We know that if people are having fun while they are learning, they are much more likely to retain that learning and apply it in the workplace.

Q. My team isn't working well together. Can you help me to help them understand each other better?

A. Yes. We can combine formal team training with a specially designed team game which puts that learning into practice and brings it dramatically to life, providing real relevance to the workplace.

Q. The workforce is bored with the same old Health and Safety messages, can you help us to re-enforce some key messages but in a new and exciting way that will appeal to the whole workforce?

A. We can ensure that your workforce is stimulated and energised and at the same time make sure that your key Health and Safety messages get through to all levels.

Q. Our company will shortly be undergoing some major changes. We need key leadership abilities in order to ensure that the changes are smoothly implemented and the teams are more customer focused than before. Can you help me develop the skills and qualities needed in my leadership team?

A. Leadership is something that's often very hard to define but you know when you see it, and you definitely know when it's missing. It is as much, if not more about behaviours as it is about skills. Our Leadership Development and Training programmes challenge every delegate to develop both their skills and behaviours in order to take your company to the next level.

Q. But how can I be sure it’s worked?

A. By using one of our pre and/or post event web games, you can find out how much people know and understand about your key messages. Not only that, we can provide you with data which demonstrates how much people's performance
and understanding have improved over time, making it much easier for you to assess future training needs and strategies.


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