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As the name suggests, Ice Breakers create a good start to an Event, Dinner, Meeting or Conference.  They get the group in the right mood to be able to tackle the rest of the day. We have a wide variety of Ice Breakers that can be adapted to carry a wide variety of messages, to set the scene for the day ahead or simply act as a fun, adrenalin enhancing way of kick starting an event.  One certainty is that people will be switched on and ready to go!


Our Ice Breakers can range from 20 minutes to half a day, depending on your needs, from our Game Show which is fun and invigorating, to interactive learning based challenges and all the bases in between.


  • Great for bringing people together

  • Gets people out of their comfort zone and revved up

  • Great fun at events, parties and dinners

  • Involves a high level of team collaboration and co-operation

  • Can help set the scene for a conference or event - i.e. the circle of trust helps to break down barriers

Some of the main benefits of team building include:-


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