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Your team's challenge, should you wish to accept it, is to win!


Work against the clock and against other teams to undertake missions, earn points and develop strategies. This electronically led event is highly motivating and adrenalin boosting and intended to really shake things up! Ideal for giving your team a boost or to help companies manage through tough times and change – this activity clearly demonstrates that no mission is impossible and is ideal for creating healthy competition amongst teams.


  • Highly motivating event

  • Helps illustrate different skill sets         and aptitudes

  • Involves a high level of team collaboration & co-operation

  • Interacting & communicating are essential for success

  • Creates healthy competition

  • Involves strategic & innovative thinking

  • Fun & exhilarating  

Some of the main benefits of team building include:-

mission-impossible The benefits of motivating Ice breakers The bigger picture Missions impossible Virtual travel Seek and learn Electronic gameboards 70-pounds

Corporate Adrenalin Limited; +44 (0) 1229 400210

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