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The truffle hunt begins with the bursting in of a strange and weathered old farmer, known for his unique truffle hunting pigs. But he has a problem, his pigs have been stolen. He needs help to find these rare and expensive truffles so that he can pay the ransom and retrieve his precious pigs. This team building event is designed to encourage delegates to explore locations anywhere in the World. Armed with an inflatable pink pig, a Polaroid camera and an instruction sheet, delegates are tasked with finding truffle locations, posing for pictures and bringing back souvenirs.


When the teams return they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and are tasked with creating a display of souvenirs and photographs that they have taken along the way. The winner is the team with the most pigs found and the most creative display. This is the ideal, fun team building event, to blow away any cobwebs and create a real feel good factor. It is particularly useful at illustrating the resourcefulness of individuals and teams alike.

  • Breaks the mould of conventional events

  • Creative & fun event

  • Creates a feel good factor

  • Breaks down barriers

Some of the main benefits include:-

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