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The objective of Virtual Travel is to venture around the globe earning money and completing tasks, the ultimate aim being to return to your original city with a bigger bank balance than any other team.


This outrageous fun packed electronically led game, comprises of challenges requiring a mix of creative, lateral thinking, problem solving and fact finding. The final minutes of the game create a frantic, adrenalin pumped finale, as teams rush to reach their home city to complete their journey. Teams that keep their cool under

pressure and work well in a chaotic environment will come out top. Around the World in 80 Days is a fun filled virtual journey around the world where you and your team will visit far away lands, sample different cultures and earn currency in each location.


Your efforts and success in tasks will determine the quality of your journey - is it to be cheap and cheerful or 5 star luxury?

  • Ideal for companies with a global presence

  • Effective for organizations trying to overcome cultural diversity or internal change

  • Breaks the mould of conventional events

  • High energy, creating a feel good factor and true team spirit

  • Breaks down barriers

  • Involves a wide array of thinking skills, forcing ‘delegates to think outside the box’

Some of the main benefits include:-

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